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Keith Natti was raised in Lanesville, MA. Growing up in and on the water he learned about the ocean, fishing and craftsmanship. Building and working on boats he quickly developed his skills with fibreglass and resins. His passion for surfing led him to create a New England based surfboard company. At Twin Lights Surf Co. Keith focuses on making high end boards that are custom designed for New England waves and surfers. Keith's dedication to excellence, passion for surfing and skill for laminating surfboards has helped him become a world renowned glasser, working with shapers and glassers from all over the world. Keith's focus is high quality glassing where shortcuts are not an option.

Twin Lights Surf Co. - Keith Natti, Gloucester Massachusetts.

44 Whittemore St. Unit 9

Gloucester MA 01930 

Email: Keith@twinlightssurf.com